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How to Catch a Cheating Husband, Wife, Girlfriend or Boyfriend: A Free Guide

Not too long ago, I decided to investigate the subject of cheating partners – those men and women among us who, for whatever reason, realise that their current girlfriend, boyfriend, fiancé, or lover just isn’t doing it for them and thus decide to seek fulfilment elsewhere, from somebody else.

However, unlike the majority of people – when they realise they’re unhappy with their current partner – these “wanderers” do it secretly, behind the backs of those that trust them. It’s this defining fact (that they consciously betray their partner) that makes them a cheat, a deceiver, a snake-in-the-grass...quite simply, someone we could do without in our lives and someone we certainly don’t want as a partner.

But how widespread and common is cheating?

How many of us could do with learning how to catch a cheating husband or wife?

And the biggest question of all: How likely is it that your partner is cheating on you?

Well, according to The National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago, 12% of women cheat, whereas 22% of men betray their partners at some point in the relationship. Other research sources indicate the number of disloyal partners might be even higher – with up to a quarter of women cheating and over a third of men doing the same.

But you’ve got to be wary of statistics when it comes to judging exactly how prevalent a problem cheating among couples is – after all, is everyone polled in these surveys going to tell the truth?

If they are a cheater, it’s in their nature to deceive; it’s a coping method for them, a way of getting what they want.

In my opinion, infidelity is much more widespread a problem than any survey taken so far has estimated, especially with the massive growth in digital, anonymous and easy-to-hide communication. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves; we’ll have a good look at the subject of ‘E-Cheating’ in a later section of the site. It’s then and there you’ll discover how so many men and women get away with unfaithfulness online, setting up relationships, flirting and often even taking it to ‘the next level’.

So far we’ve established one thing, I’m sure it’s come as no surprise to you: cheating, infidelity, dishonesty in relationships, is widespread, common and – judging from experience and research – on the rise - especially due to the recent increase in online cheating.

Sadly, never before has the chance of being cheated on been so high.

But there’s a flipside to that coin and there is some good news to go with the bad: catching a cheat, with the right knowledge, techniques and awareness has never been so achievable and straight-forward. That’s the aim of this site: to teach you the ins and outs of infidelity, help you spot the warning signs of a cheating spouse and finally teach how to deal with it and confront them.

So, let’s begin. Let’s delve into what this free site contains, your information arsenal for catching a cheating husband or wife – or, for that matter, anyone who betrays your trust and has an affair with someone else.

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